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How are Reckless Driving Cases Unique in the Town of Vienna?

The Town of Vienna in Northern Virginia has its own court for misdemeanors such as reckless driving. The judges are the same judges as in Fairfax County but the prosecutors are unique to the Town of Vienna. The prosecutors for the Town of Vienna are defense attorneys that are hired by the city to prosecute cases and they prosecute and defend with equal zeal.

The Town of Vienna hears reckless driving cases only on Mondays. Like Fairfax County, you cannot negotiate your case or talk to a prosecutor or officer in the Town of Vienna unless you have an attorney. The judges in Vienna will not dismiss or reduce cases in exchange for entering into a driving improvement program like some other jurisdictions.

While Vienna is a small jurisdiction, because it has only one courtroom and only opens one day a week, security lines can be long and the courtroom can be crowded. Don’t expect to be given a lot of time to talk when your case is called.

There is plenty of free parking at the courthouse which is located at 127 Center Street, South; Vienna, VA; 22180.

Penalties for Reckless Driving in the Town of Vienna

If you are convicted for reckless driving in Vienna you will receive the same penalties as anywhere else in the commonwealth of Virginia. Reckless driving comes with a max fine of two thousand five hundred dollars, up to twelve months in jail, a six month loss of your driving privileges and it also comes with six demerit points.

Reckless driving is not a traffic ticket, it is a criminal offense. Being convicted of reckless driving in Vienna will result in a permanent criminal record. A reckless driving conviction cannot be expunged or removed from your adult criminal record. A reckless driving conviction stays on your Virginia DMV record for eleven years.

Contact the Law Firm of Nichols & Green PLLC if You Have A Reckless Driving Case in the Town of Vienna.

Each year at Nichols & Green we represent hundreds of drivers accused of reckless driving. We understand how important this case is to you and we understand what you expect from your attorney. We want to share our experiences with you so call today for free consultation about your Vienna reckless driving case.

Mr. Nichols is a lawyer and author who has spent his entire career defending drivers in Virginia. Luke Nichols wrote several books on Virginia traffic law, including The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook (3rd Ed.). Garrett Green has been licensed to practice law for over a quarter century. Garrett has defended hundreds of reckless driving cases in Northern Virginia and the Town of Vienna.

Call Nichols & Green PLLC if you have been charged with reckless driving in the Town of Vienna. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Call today to arrange a free consultation (703) 215-1114.

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