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Prince William County loves to write reckless driving tickets any time there is a car accident. The police grossly over charge reckless driving general tickets (46.2-852).

Prince William County also issues a lot of fines because there is a Highway Safety Corridor on I-95 in Prince William County. All fines are doubled in Highway Safety Corridors. You can tell whether you were in the I-95 Highway Safety Corridor by looking at your ticket and seeing whether the trooper wrote “HSC” on the ticket.

Prince William County General District Court is on the second floor of the courthouse. You can find your courtroom by speaking with the receptionist at the information desk on the second floor. Multiple copies of the daily courtroom assignments are also on her desk. The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook

There are four full time judges in Prince William General District Court and many substitute judges. There are many different prosecutors in Prince William. Who you prosecutor and who you judge is can have a big effect on the outcome of your reckless driving case.

In Prince William County, reckless driving defendants can talk to the prosecutors and some qualified drivers can take a driving improvement class for dismissal (most reckless driving cases don’t qualify for this program). The Driving School Program in Prince William County requires the following:

  1. Complete a DMV approved Driving Improvement Class AFTER being ordered by a judge.
  2. Submit an original copy of your class completion certificate to the clerk’s officer before the deadline.
  3. The certificate must say “Court Ordered” on the front.
  4. Pay all your court costs before the deadline.

*If you want to know whether you will likely qualify for the driver improvement program in Prince William County contact our office for a free consultation (703) 215-1114.

Defense attorney representing reckless driving cases meet with the prosecutors and officers prior to the 900am traffic docket to discuss the case and negotiate. Most reckless driving cases case be resolved prior to 9:30am if the defendant has an attorney.

Prince William County also has major variations in the number of cases it handles. One day there may be only a couple hundred cases and the next is nearly 1,000. On a bad day there can be no standing or sitting room left in a court before 9:00am so get there early. There is also, typically a long line at security and at the traffic court clerk’s officer every morning.

In Prince William County, reckless driving cases that will likely involve jail time begin with an arraignment. If the court forgets to arraign a very serious reckless driving case, the judge will ask the defendant if they want to get an attorney. The judges ask this question when they are seriously considering putting a person in jail for reckless driving. If a judge ever asks you whether you want to get an attorney the answer is always YES!

Our office has represented hundreds of reckless driving cases in Prince William County. If you want to discuss your reckless driving case, call our office anytime for a free consultation (703) 215-1114.

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