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How To Beat A Reckless Driving By Speed Ticket

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If you receive a reckless driving by speed ticket here in Virginia here are some great tips to beating your reckless driving ticket:

  1. Check the Officer’s Radar, Lidar or Speedometer Calibrations – I have won many cases because the officer’s calibrations were missing or defective. Va. Code 46.2-882, in addition to many other laws, requires an officer to properly calibrate their speed measuring equipment in order for them to testify about speed as determined by a speed measuring device. While most attorney know that they should check the calibrations, few attorney know what to look for. An experienced reckless driving attorney is essential if you want to find a calibration defect and know how to exploit it.
  2. Does the Officer Have Sufficient Notes – Your officer probably doesn’t remember you. Without good notes, he won’t likely be able to stand up to an experienced attorney’s cross examination. Looking at an officer’s notes can tell you a lot about whether they can prove you are guilty of reckless driving.
  3. Did the Officer Use his Speed Equipment Properly – Radar, lidar and pacing requires special training and expertise because without it an officer may write an invalid reckless driving ticket. An officer’s methods are just as important as their equipment.
  4. Get a Copy of the Police Cruiser’s Video – Only a few law enforcement vehicles in Virginia have video and audio recording capabilities but when they do it may make a huge difference in your case. I have had more than one officer claim my client was passing people like they were standing still only to have the video prove them wrong. Watching the dash cam video can be an important step in knowing how to beat a reckless driving by speed ticket.
  5. Get a Copy of Your DMV Record – Your DMV record is one of the biggest factors in the outcome of your case. Make sure you know what it says before you go to trial for a reckless driving charge. Give your attorney a copy of your DMV record as soon as possible.
  6. Take a Driver Improvement Course – Taking a Virginia Driver improvement course online or in person can help your case if you have an imperfect record.
  7. Get Your Car’s Speedometer Calibrated – If you want to testify that you know you weren’t speeding you will need a speedometer calibration. If your speedometer is inaccurate you may also be able to use that as mitigating evidence in a reckless driving by speed case as well. Most cars’ speedometers are at least a few mph low.
  8. Do Community Service – For those very extreme reckless driving cases, doing over 25 or 50 hours of community service may make a difference in your case. Talk to your attorney about how to properly document your community service.
  9. Revoke Your Bond – If you have an extremely tough case but you would rather go to jail than get a criminal conviction for reckless driving (because of security clearance for example) your attorney may be able to negotiate a deal where you go to jail in exchange for a dismissal or reduction in your charge. These deals are rare, but experienced reckless driving attorney can let you know how or if this option is possible.
  10. Get a Free Consultation from a Reckless Driving Attorney – Never go to court without talking to an attorney first. Nichols & Green PLLC always offers free initial consultations so there is no reason to not talk to an experience reckless driving attorney as soon as you get a reckless driving ticket. We can tell you what defenses are available, what we charge and what we can do for you. Consultation can be done in person or by phone before you make any commitments. Call (703) 215-1114 for a free consultation.
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