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Get a Free Consultation from a Traffic Lawyer
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Nichols & Green PLLC is one of northern Virginia’s premier traffic defense firms and we always offer free consultations to anyone with a traffic offense in northern Va. During your free consultation we will spend time asking you questions and gathering information about your case.

You will also get to talk the actual attorney who will be representing you in court. However, Mr. Luke Nichols and Mr. Garrett Green typically represent cases as team and in serious cases, we may request that you get a chance to talk to both Mr. Nichols and Mr. Green as part of your free consultation.

What should I bring to the Free Consultation with the traffic lawyer?

You are not required to bring anything to your free consultation. However, you can have a more effective consultation if you come prepared. Here are some things that can make a free consultation with a traffic attorney more effective:

  • Bring a copy of your DMV record (get a record from each state you have had a license from in the last 5 years).

  • Bring a copy of your summons and any other paperwork the police or jail gave you.

  • Write down a detailed summary of the events that you believe are important to your case and bring that incident summary with you. A carefully written summary is a much quicker and accurate way to communicate the facts of your case.

What Will I Discuss with the Traffic Attorney During the Free Consultation?

During your free consultation, you and your traffic lawyer will discuss:

  • Possible defenses for your case.

  • The likely outcome of your case.

  • Thing you can do to prepare for trial.

  • What strategies your attorney would pursue in defending you

  • And give you an exact price in writing for all the legal services we would provide you.

  • Answer any other questions you may have about your case.

Your free consultation with a traffic attorney can be in person or over the phone. If you call in the afternoon often you can speak with a traffic attorney immediately without making an appointment.

How Long Is the Free Consultation?

There is no set time limit on your free consultation at Nichols & Green PLLC. Typically our traffic lawyers take as much time as they need to answer all of your questions. If a potential client has additional questions after their initial consultation they are welcome to call back and ask without being charged.

We understand that your case and choosing your attorney is very important to you and we want to use your free consultation as an opportunity to put your mind at ease and help you understand what you need to do next.

What Happens After The Free Consultation?

At the end of your free consultation with the traffic lawyer, our staff will give you a copy of our attorney-client contract with our exact price in writing. You will also leave with a to-do list, explain the things your traffic lawyer recommended that you do prior to trial. You can then immediately hire Nichols & Green PLLC or take some time to consider your options.

As soon as you would like to retain Nichols & Green as your traffic attorney, all you need to do is sign and return the contract you received after your consultation and arrange payment. Once the first payment and contract is received Nichols & Green will start working for you.

Get a free consultation with the traffic attorney who wrote the books on Virginia traffic law (703) 383-9222.

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