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Stafford County Traffic Lawyer
Stafford County Traffic Lawyer

Call Nichols & Green PLLC to talk to An Experienced Stafford County Traffic Lawyer.

If you have a pending traffic case and you want to talk to an experienced Stafford County traffic attorney, call Nichols & Green PLLC for a free consultation: 703-215-1114.

Founding partner Luke J. Nichols has handled hundreds of traffic cases and has years of experience defending drivers in Stafford County. Mr. Nichols is known for his passionate defenses and in depth technical knowledge of traffic law and forensic issues.

Luke Nichols has written numerous articles and books on Virginia traffic law. These books include: The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook, The Virginia DUI Handbook, and Driving on a Suspended License in Virginia. Mr. Nichols has also completed NHTSA based training in the use of police RADAR, LiDAR and Pacing. Luke Nichols has also completed the NHTSA based training in SFST and DUI detection.

Mr. Nichols and the Law firm of Nichols & Green enjoy a well know reputation for the quality of their representation and for the way they treat their clients. If you would like to read about some of our previous client’s experiences, click here to see review of Mr. Nichols by actual clients.

If you would like to know more Nichols & Green PLLC or if you have questions about your case, please call Mr. Nichols for a free consultation. During your consultation we are happy to discuss your case in detail, explain what defenses you have, what strategies we would employ, and what the likely outcome of your case may be.

Consultations with Stafford County traffic attorney Luke Nichols can be done over the phone of in person.

Stafford County Traffic Attorneys Know the Local Laws and Customs.

Stafford County is different than other jurisdiction. Stafford County has its own county laws that are different from other state and county laws. Having a Stafford traffic lawyer is important if you want your attorney to know these obscure local laws.

The traffic court customs in Stafford are also unique. In Stafford, there are no prosecutors involved in most traffic cases. Traffic attorneys have to deal directly with the law enforcement officers and the judge. This means that knowing the judges and officers is much more important in Stafford.

No Negotiation or Deals in Stafford County without a Traffic Attorney.

When you need a Stafford county traffic attorney call Nichols & Green PLLC at 703-215-1114

Stafford County is unique among Northern Virginia jurisdictions because prosecutors do not get involved in most traffic cases. That means that drivers accused of traffic offenses will not be given an opportunity to work out a deal with a prosecutor prior to trial.

Additionally, Stafford County traffic court does not give drivers a chance to talk to law enforcement officers prior to trial unless they have hired an attorney. Stafford traffic lawyers talk to the police prior to trial in the Court clerk’s lunch room. Civilians are not allowed access to this area and only attorneys and officers will be present. Without a traffic attorney you won’t have a chance to negotiate or discuss your case prior to trial in Stafford County.

You may not need to appear in Stafford County Traffic Court if You Have an Attorney.

If you hire a Stafford County traffic attorney and you are charged with certain types of traffic offenses, you may be able to avoid having to appear in Stafford’s traffic court. There are very specific rules and customs regarding when you must appear in court and when you should appear in court.

To talk to Stafford County traffic lawyer about whether you can or should waive your appearance in court, call Nichols & Green PLLC for a free consultation.

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