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Prince William Possession Of Marijuana Lawyer
Prince William Possession of Marijuana Lawyer

Possession of marijuana is still a crime in Prince William County. And despite the recent liberalization of marijuana laws in other states, Prince William County treats possession of marijuana very seriously.

The penalties for possession of marijuana in Prince William include a mandatory 6 month loss of driving privileges, potential jail time, fines, court costs and probation. The biggest surprise for most people is the six month license suspension. Everyone convicted of marijuana possession in Prince William County loses their right to drive for six months regardless of whether their charge involved a car or not.

If You Need a Prince William County Possession of Marijuana Lawyer Call Nichols & Green PLLC.

If you have been charged with marijuana possession in Prince William, get a free consultation by calling (703) 383-9222. Our lawyers will be happy to answer your questions and to give you advice on how you can prepare for your trial.

Just because there are serious potential consequences to a marijuana conviction, doesn’t mean that you will be found guilty or be given these punishments. Call us today and we will be happy to discuss what defenses you may have, what the likely outcome of your case is, what you can do to improve your case and exactly what our flat fee for your case is.

At the end of each free consultation you will be given a contract with our exact price in writing. We will explain our payment plans and payment options. We will also send you home with a list of things you can do to get ready for your case including resources to help you prepare.

If you would like to talk to a lawyer about your Prince William possession of marijuana case then call us today and set up an appointment. We are happy to do you free consultation over the phone or in person. Call 703-215-1114

What Can Your lawyer do if you are charged with possession of marijuana in Prince William County?

Never assume you will be found guilty. The laws surrounding possession of marijuana and other drug cases can be complex and confusing. Even police officers often misunderstand the law. Talk to an experienced lawyer to find out what defenses you may have. Some common defenses to possession of marijuana cases include:

  • Unconstitutional searches
  • Unconstitutional traffic stops
  • Unconstitutional arrests
  • Improperly performed drug testing
  • Not being able to prove the defendant knew what the drugs were
  • Not being able to prove the defendant knew where the drugs were
  • No reading of Miranda rights prior to interrogation

Let Us Share our Experience With You.

Mr. Nichols and Mr. Green have a combined total of 30 years of experience practicing law in Virginia. Mr. Nichols and Mr Green are constantly defending people accused of drug possession and possession of marijuana.

Luke Nichols and Garrett Green have spent a lot of time and energy researching the legal issues involved with marijuana possession defense. They are also the coauthors of The Virginia Drug Defense Manual.

If you would like to tap into these attorneys’ years of experience call today for a free consultation for your Prince William marijuana or drug possession case. Call 703-215-1114

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