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Prince William County Traffic Lawyer
Prince William County Traffic Lawyer

Nichols & Green PLLC: Experienced Prince William County Traffic Lawyers.

The law firm of Nichols & Green PLLC has handled hundreds of Prince William County traffic cases. Attorney Luke J. Nichols lives and practices traffic law in Prince William County. Mr. Nichols handles all types of traffic cases in Prince William County and has written several books on traffic law, including: The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook (3rd Edition), Driving on a Suspended License in Virginia and The Virginia DUI Handbook (2nd Edition).

Luke Nichols is known by the judges and members of the bar for his vigorous defenses and for his technical knowledge of speeding and DUI cases. Mr. Nichols has received the NHTSA based law enforcement training for speed enforcement and DUI enforcement. Mr. Nichols has also been trained as DUI field sobriety test instructor according the NHTSA guidelines.

Mr. Nichols is an experienced Prince William County Traffic Lawyer and he knows the local judges, prosecutors, customs and laws. To read dozens of reviews of Mr. Nichols by actual clients, click here.

Mr. Nichols offers free consultations to anyone with a Prince William County traffic case. If you would like to know the likely outcome of your case, what defenses you have available or answer any of questions then call or email today to receive a free consultation over the phone or in person.

A Prince William County Traffic Attorney Knows The Judges and Prosecutors.

When you hire a traffic attorney you want that attorney to give you the best advice possible. You want to know what defenses are available, what the likely outcome of your case is and whether a particular deal should be accepted or rejected. Your traffic lawyer can’t give you accurate advice unless they know the judge and prosecutor handling your case.

Being able to predict what your judge or prosecutor will do with your case is a very important skill that your traffic attorney must have. That is why it is essential you hire an experienced Prince William County traffic attorney.

Prince William County Traffic Lawyers Know the Local County Laws and Customs.

Prince William County traffic court is unique. In Prince William County the court is run differently than any other court in Northern Virginia. Prince William County traffic court has its own forms, they have their own customs and the county even has its own unique laws.

For example: In almost every other county, if a person is sentenced to jail for a misdemeanor they only serve 50% of their sentence. And many courts offer the option to serve your sentence on the weekends. In Prince William County, if you serve your jail sentence on the weekend you have to serve 100% of your time. This rule is not written down in the law, it is simply the custom.

Many defendants have had their jail sentenced essentially doubled because their attorney was not an experienced Prince William County attorney and did not know this rule.

You Can May Be Able to Avoid Going to Prince William County Traffic Court if You Hire an Attorney.

If you hire a Prince William County traffic attorney you may be able to avoid coming to court for your traffic case. In Prince William County you can send an attorney in your place if you are charged with a certain type of offense and the prosecutor agrees to waive jail time.

It takes experience to know when the prosecutors will waive jail time and when you can waive your appearance. So hiring a traffic lawyer who knows Prince William County is very important. At Nichols & Green we can tell you whether or not your appearance in court can be waived, and the likely outcome of your case during your free consultation. 

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