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Property crimes are any crime that involves stealing, damaging, or trespassing on a property. Property crimes are extremely common here in Virginia. Each day hundreds of people are arrested for various property crimes in Virginia.

Whether it is shoplifting, destruction of property or burglary the Commonwealth of Virginia is strict on property crime.

Types of Property Crimes

The most common property crimes involve shoplifting. Shoplifting comes in many different forms but it is typically charged as petty larceny (petit larceny) or grand larceny. The difference is that petty larceny is a misdemeanor and grand larceny is a felony.

Petty larceny is any time that person steals something that is valued less than $200 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Grand larceny is stealing something valued at $200 or more.

Besides shoplifting, destruction of property is a very common property crime in Virginia. Destruction of property has misdemeanor and felony forms depending on the value of the property that was damaged.

Possession of Stolen Property is also either a felony or misdemeanor depending on whether the property’s value is over $200 or more.

Embezzlement is another very common property crime in Virginia. Embezzlement is when an employee or a person in a special position of trust, steals something that they were entrusted with. Typically this involves a store employee stealing merchandise. Embezzlement can be a felony or misdemeanor depending on whether the value of the merchandise is $200 or more.

Check Fraud and Check Uttering is another common crime in Virginia. Check fraud and check uttering is when a person writes and uses checks that they know are not going to clear. Intentionally bouncing a check that is worth less than $200 is a misdemeanor and intentionally bouncing a check worth $200 or more is a felony.

Credit Card Theft, Credit Card Fraud and Credit Card Forgery. Are all very common felonies in Virginia. Stealing a credit card and credit card forgery is always a felony. Credit Card fraud is also felony if the value of good illicitly obtained was $200 or more. Other wise credit card fraud is a misdemeanor.

Rental Car Theft is an unusual, but regularly occurring, felony in Virginia. Failing to return a rental card on time can be a felony but the things the prosecutor must prove may surprise you. This offense is more complicated than it appears.

Burglary is a very serious property crime. All forms of burglary are felonies but the severity depends on whether the suspect was armed, whether the burglary was committed at night or on a home versus an office. This apparently common sense crime is actually quick complicated.

Trespassing is when you go upon a person’s land or property after being told not to by the owner. This crime is always a misdemeanor. There are a number of defenses to trespassing.

Identity Crimes. Most identity theft crimes are felonies regardless of the amount of harm done. These crimes can be hard to prove without a confession by the suspect.

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