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A property crime is any crime that involves violating someone’s property rights. Theft crimes, larceny, vandalism, robbery, burglary, fraud, forgery, trespassing, destruction of property, receiving stolen goods, and arson are all examples of property crimes. Property crimes range wildly in their severity and punishments.

What is “Defending Virginia Property Crimes” about and who is it for?

Defending Virginia Property Crimes was written by criminal defense attorney and is for anyone charged with a property crime in Virginia. This book explains the criminal justice system here in Virginia and answers many of the common questions people have when they have been arrested for a property crime.

There is a section in the book for each of the many common types of property crimes in Virginia. There is a chapter that discusses shoplifting and petite larceny. A chapter for grand larceny, fraud, burglary, ID theft, destruction of property, receipt of stolen property, embezzlement and much more.

The book also explains what rights a person has when they are arrested for a property crimes and how these rights may influence the outcome of their case. Common defenses to property crimes is also discussed in detail.

People who have been arrested for a property crime in Virginia may also have many questions about what will happen at court, how to prepare for their case, what their rights of appeal are and how to find and choose a good attorney. All of these questions and more are addressed in “Defending Virginia Property Crimes”.

About the Authors: Luke J. Nichols & Garrett D. Green.

Mr. Nichols and Mr. Green are the founding partners of the law firm of Nichols & Green PLLC. Both authors are licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Virginia and practice almost exclusively criminal defense law.

Mr. Nichols has spent his entire career in criminal court defending people accused of criminal and traffic matters. Luke Nichols is the author of several books on criminal law in Virginia and an authority on many forensic issues related to criminal law. He has since retired from the firm.

Mr. Green has been practicing law in Northern Virginia for over 25 years and is widely respected by peers and colleagues. Mr. Green defends hundreds of people in court each year and have ample experience defending Virginia property crimes.

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