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Fairfax County Traffic Lawyer
Fairfax County Traffic Lawyer

The Law Firm of Nichols & Green is Your Choice When You Need a Fairfax County Traffic Lawyer.

The law firm of Nichols & Green PLLC does hundreds of traffic cases in Fairfax County court every year and we average a dozen cases in Fairfax each week. Our offices are across the street from the Fairfax Court and we are there almost every day.

Fairfax County traffic lawyer Garrett Green has been practicing law in Fairfax for over 24 years. He knows the judges, prosecutors and county laws well. Mr. Green is well known for his integrity and excellent client service. To read reviews of Mr. Green that were written by clients click here.

Luke J. Nichols is another experienced Fairfax County traffic lawyer here at Nichols & Green PLLC. Mr. Nichols has spent his entire career representing traffic cases in Fairfax County. Mr. Nichols has written several books on traffic law including The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook, Driving on a Suspended License in Virginia and The Virginia DUI Handbook. To read reviews of Mr. Nichols, written by his clients click here.

If you would like to get a free consultation from a Fairfax County traffic lawyer call Mr. Nichols or Mr. Green and they will be happy to talk to you about your case over the phone or in person. During your free consultation they will be happy to discuss possible defenses, the likely outcome of your case, and answer any other questions you may have.

Fairfax County Traffic Lawyers Know the Judges

Fairfax County is the largest in Virginia and the Fairfax Courts are sized to match. There are 10 full time GDC judges, 8 JDR judges and 13 Circuit Court judges. These number don’t include the many substitute judges.

Having a traffic lawyer that knows the judge assigned to your case is very important. Gaining enough experience to know each of these judges is difficult without being a local Fairfax County traffic lawyer.

No Deals without a Traffic Attorney

In Fairfax you cannot negotiate with a Fairfax prosecutor or police officer without a traffic lawyer. Fairfax prosecutors won’t be given your case file unless you hire a traffic lawyer. Without a traffic attorney the only option you have in Fairfax is to make your arguments straight to the traffic court judge.

Fairfax County Traffic Lawyers Know Unique Fairfax County Laws

Having a local Fairfax County traffic lawyer is important because Fairfax County courts do things differently than other courts in Virginia. Fairfax County courts do not offer dismissal programs like some other courts. You cannot take a driving class in exchange for dismissal of minor traffic tickets in Fairfax County.

Fairfax County does have some unique local county laws. These local county laws can be extremely beneficial to some drivers. Hiring a Fairfax county traffic lawyer with knowledge of Fairfax county laws can be a big advantage.

An Attorney May Be Able to Appear in Fairfax County on Your Behalf

Another great reason to hire a Fairfax traffic lawyer is too avoid coming to court. If you are charged with a traffic ticket or some forms of reckless driving you can avoid having to appearing in Fairfax County court if you hire an attorney to appear on your behalf. Your attorney can represent you in your absence if you sign a Waiver of Appearance Form and give it to your attorney prior to trial.

If you would like to know whether you can avoid appearing in Fairfax County for your traffic case, call Nichols & Green today for a free consultation to speak with a Fairfax County traffic attorney.

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