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Fairfax City Traffic Lawyer
Fairfax City Traffic Lawyer

Nichols & Green PLLC is your choice when you need a Fairfax City Traffic Lawyer.

The law firm of Nichols &Green PLLC is located in Fairfax City, walking distance from the Fairfax City traffic court. Luke Nichols and Garrett Green regularly practice in Fairfax City traffic court. They know the judges, the prosecutors, they know the unique Fairfax City traffic laws and the know Fairfax City’s unique customs and practices.

Luke Nichols and Garrett Green are experienced traffic attorneys. Garrett Green is a very experienced Fairfax City traffic attorney. Mr. Green has been practicing law in Fairfax City for over 24 years. Mr. Green is also known for his excellent client service and his integrity. To see reviews written by Garrett Green’s clients on a third party website click here.

Luke Nichols has written several books on traffic law including The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook (3rd Edition) and The Virginia DUI Handbook (2nd Edition). Mr. Nichols has also written numerous articles on the various legal issues that an experienced Fairfax City traffic lawyer needs to know. To read reviews of Luke Nichols service and experience click here.

At Nichols & Green we offer free consultations for anyone charged with a traffic offense in Fairfax City. If you would like to know the likely outcome of your Fairfax City traffic case call today for a free consultation.

An Experienced Fairfax City Attorney Knows The Judges.

There are many judges that preside in Fairfax City traffic court. Each week a different Fairfax County judge is selected to preside over the Fairfax City traffic court. That means that there are the same number of Fairfax City traffic court judges as there are Fairfax County judges. A Fairfax City traffic lawyer needs to know your judge otherwise he or she will not be able to give you important advice.

No Negotiating Deals Without a Traffic Attorney.

In Fairfax City, the prosecutor and officers meet with just the attorneys in a separate room outside the courtroom. While the people without traffic lawyers sit in court and wait for their name to be called, the prosecutor is meeting and negotiating with the traffic attorneys. If you don’t hire an attorney to represent you in Fairfax City traffic court you won’t be given an opportunity to negotiate with the prosecutor or work out a deal before trial.

Fairfax City Traffic Attorneys Know Fairfax City’s Unique City Laws.

In addition to Virginia state traffic laws, there are also unique Fairfax City traffic laws. Of course, Fairfax City laws apply only in Fairfax City. So if your traffic attorney doesn’t practice law much in Fairfax City then your attorney will not likely know these obscure local laws.

You May Not Need To Appear in Court if You Hire a Lawyer

One of the local customs in Fairfax City traffic court is that you do not always need to show up to your case if you hire a lawyer. If a traffic lawyer appears on your behalf in Fairfax City traffic court, you may not need to take time off work to appear in court. The rules regarding who is allowed to send their attorney in their place and how to go about doing this are dictated by local custom. Fairfax City traffic lawyers know these rules and when you can avoid having to come to court.

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