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Can I Get a Ticket in Virginia for Not Having a Bumper?

Answer: “I can only tell you what Virginia law states. The answer is “No” but…. There is not a requirement to have a front or rear bumper on a vehicle under 40,000 lbs.

However, officers may not know this and write you a ticket for defective equipment under 46.2-1003 anyways. However, this statute only applies to the equipment listed under Chapter 10 of Va. Code 46.2 and items listed under 46.2-1002. Bumpers are not on the list and are not regulated under chapter 10.

However, under Va. Code 46.2-715 you must have a license plate attached to the front and rear of your vehicle so if you do not have a front bumper you must still have a front license plate attached to the front of the vehicle.

And if you drive into another state or on roads run by the National Park Service then Virginia law no longer applies and you are subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.”