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I Got an Email Notice to Appear in Court?

If you got a suspicious email saying that you are ordered to appear in court, take a deep breath; it’s probably a scam email, and you are not in trouble.

These scammers are sending emails with attachments that look like this:

Notice of appearance in court No1308

Notice to Appear in Court,

This is to advise that you are required to attend
the court of Los Angeles on January 19, 2014 for the hearing of your case.

Please, kindly prepare and bring the documents related to this case to Court on the date mentioned above.
Attendance is compulsory.

A copy of the court notice is attached to this letter, please, download and read it thoroughly.

Santiago Guzman
Clerk to the Court.

This is a blatant scam. Opening the attachment could expose your computer to viruses and malware. Contacting these people could result in them trying to trick you into sending them money to pay non-existent fines and court costs.

Real notices to appear in court don’t come by email. If you happen to have reason to believe that an email like this is real, DO NOT open the attachment. Instead, find the contact information for the clerk of the court online and contact them by phone. DO NOT respond by email to scammers and DO NOT use any contact info provided in the email.