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Alexandria is a very confusing jurisdiction because three different courts have jurisdiction there. The City of Alexandria has its own independent court which is located at 520 King Street. The Federal US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia is also located in Alexandria at 401 Courthouse Square. And Fairfax County courts have jurisdiction over the parts of Alexandria south of I-495 which are technically in Fairfax County not the independent portions of the city of Alexandria.

If you have court in Alexandria look carefully at your summons or ticket and make sure you know exactly which court you are supposed to appear in.

What is Unique About Reckless Driving Cases in Alexandria?The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook

The City of Alexandria is unique. The prosecutors and officers have slightly different roles in reckless driving cases than they do in some of the other jurisdictions. Officers are more involved in some cases, than they would be in jurisdictions like Fairfax or Prince William. Taking a driver improvement class as part of a deal is possible in some cases if you have a good driving record and have not taking a driving improvement class in the last two years.

However, if you are going to take a reckless driving case to trial in Alexandria it is important to know the local customs and judges. They have very different opinions regarding calibrations and evidence than you find in some of the other NoVA jurisdictions.

Penalties for Reckless Driving in Alexandria Virginia

Reckless driving a class 1 misdemeanor. This mean that reckless driving is a criminal offense in the City of Alexandria. If you are convicted of reckless driving in the City of Alexandria Virginia it will stay on your criminal record forever. There are no expungements for a reckless driving conviction in Alexandria.

The maximum fine for a reckless driving conviction is up to $2,500. The court costs are about $82 dollars as well. Failure to pay all if your fines and court costs within 30 days of your trial will result in a suspension of your right to drive. If you need more than 30 days to pay all the fines and court costs the court can give you an extension if asked for properly.

Being convicted of a reckless driving ticket in the City of Alexandria can also result in a 6 month loss of your driving privileges. The judge in Alexandria can issue you a restricted license if he or she chooses to and you are otherwise eligible to drive. You will not be issued a restricted license in the City of Alexandria until you have paid off 100% of all your fines and court costs.

If you are convicted of reckless driving in the City of Alexandria you may also be sentenced to up 12 months in jail. Most reckless driving cases do not result in jail time; however, drivers are routinely sentenced to jail for reckless driving. To know whether you are facing the possibility of going to jail for reckless driving, talk to one of our reckless driving attorney and get a free consultation from Nichols & Green PLLC at (703) 215-1114.

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